Saturday, December 27, 2008

SOB, stop relying on the hardware!

People, you have got to realize by now that your pet (laptop, desktop, PDA, whatever) doesn't mean shit. Just ten minutes ago, I was trying to uninstall a program, and damn if the thing didn't want to be uninstalled! Everyone that thinks that they need such-and-such hardware to make their problems go away is stuck in a loop. They have their heads stuck up their butts.... oops... in the sand.

Apple, and Broderbund, and Microsoft, and Google, and God knows how many other companies just are biding their time until the asswipes in Washington DC listen to the lobbyists and let them do their thing. Have you ever watched weather patterns in physical reality? When I was a kid, I used to lie in the grass and watch the small clouds build up into large clouds and shit if I wasn't running into the house from the rain. It's the same thing in VR, peeps! The cloud is building.

The first thing was a little whisp of white in a beautiful blue sky. It was ARPAnet. And over the last 10 or so years, that whisp turned into beautiful white fluffy harmless clouds. And now we have "web 2.0". What a crock of shit. The clouds have turned grey and have people's attention. But what do they do? They put up hardware "umbrellas" and think that life continues as usual.

Apple released the first lightening bolt with "iTunes". The rumble followed with proprietary hardware called iPhone. The iPod was just the static buildup. And what does everyone do? "Ooh! Ahh! Lookit the pretty lightshow!" The next bolt followed quickly with the MS "Surface". And the public said "Wow!" Kudos to Bill Gates for stealing Steve Jobs' "thunder" (snicker!)

And now Ozzie is in charge. And Stevie is just warming up. There is no ignoring the storm clouds. Google is throwing hail around with it's Android software. And all the while the stratosphere is boiling with some really far out, left field, cool shit! And everyone is bellyacheing that their Vista umbrellas are damaged. The next lighting bolt is going to be Windows 7. Get away from the Vista lightening rod, folks, 'cause this one is gonna be LOUD. And currently all the small software company leaves and debris are dancing wildly in the wind, looking for their niche to survive in.

Hardware? Pfft. Intel has a chance, if they don't insist on remaining static. Which it looks like they saw the lightening and decided to brace for the storm. Everyone else has wimped out and took cover inside. Those players "might" be able to pick up whats left from the tornado thats on the horizon, if they find some key items left from the storm that passes thru. All you people that think your new hardware will get you thru the next few years had best hide in the corner of the basement now. There will be public assistance lines forming after the storm has passed.

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