Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Consider for a moment all the networked devices you use on a daily basis. Now think about whether you have them secured against hacking. Most of us do, of course.

Now consider this: Most, if not all, of those devices are generating gigabytes of data at the very least. That data is based on our usage of the devices. The parent companies that sell the devices are harvesting every kilobyte they can get out of them hourly. And what do they do with that data? It gets sold to companies that compile that information in ways we consumers can't even comprehend. This is OUR data, folks. Whether or not you opted in or out, the device is still sending a minimum of data to the parent company.

Now consider this: As technology in aggregate continues to improve, it will be next to impossible to avoid working with some kind of networked "smart" device over the course of your day, either at home or in your job. And there is more data harvested about our habits.

There is a movement brewing pertaining to something called a "universal basic income". This is supposed to meet the needs of every individual on the planet over the course of time. But what scares the bejesus out of both government and corporate officials is, where will the money come from?

Well there is an answer. All that data that is generated from every person on the planet. It's our data. Wouldn't it make sense if we were personally compensated for it? I'm not saying that we should be paid the hundreds of thousands of dollars that it's valued at. It would be nice, but it's unrealistic. What would be nice is a stipend of say $400 or $500 weekly?

What do you think, Facebook? Google? Samsung? Let's get a discussion going.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Universal Basic Income

The buzz lately has been about where we will get money when the jobs dry up. The biggest candidate now is a universal basic income. but what scares them at the same time is where exactly will THAT money come from? I was half asleep one night when this struck me, and i typed it on my phone in OneNote. I present it here as written with a bit of editing:

Funds for basic income can be generated on a percentage basis according to how much personal data is used by a company, and paid to that individual. Example: John Q. Public turns his phone on X number of times. The phone manufacturer wants that data to be able to determine how to design the next power switch. That data is worth X amount. And since it comes from John, realized initial profit gets paid to John as part of his basic income.

Granted, this is a simple example, but hey, its another idea that can be implemented

Thursday, January 26, 2017

I am hereby serving notice!:

When did having an RSS feed suddenly become anti-productive? I used to be able to read any of my news feeds in an RSS tab in my web browser. I just realized today that I'm spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME in my e-mail for news stories, which then open an "app". EVERYTHING that an app does used to be done in a browser window. I am sick to death of being manipulated by my tech.

I am hereby serving notice!:

I refuse to deal with apps. Apps are walled gardens that specifically want to control your content. I'm tired of it! Unless you can give me a significant reason to use your stinking app, it's being uninstalled by me. If you cannot give me your content in an RSS feed, you are not worth my time, nor are you a company worth dealing with. You have become "persona non grata" to me.