Monday, May 14, 2012

I know! Let's blame.....

(Insert favorite scapegoat here.)  There's a crapload of problems with the global population right now.  Unemplyment is primary.  Government is next.  Of course the government doesn't operate without tax money.  And you can't tax an unemployed person.  So to look good government blathers on about taxing the rich; creating jobs, bailing out a particular industry, etc.  And it's all technology's fault!  There are too many robots!  AI took my white collar job!  My company downsized me into the unemployment line!.  I'm so tired of it all.

Has anyone noticed that North America has settled next to the EU in terms of spinning it's wheels?  The US will elect the same bureaucrats.  The bureaucrats will pontificate on the same dead solutions.. And come to the same dead conclusions.  Canada, who is more aligned with the EU than the US is, is already backed against the wall by people that think the government will pay their way through life.  What the hell happened to common sense?  Blaming a government or technology for your own sloth won't put food on the table.  It wont pay the bills. and it certainly won't apologize and offer you a great paying job.

There are thousands of people that have decided to use the system to their advantage.  I'm not saying "work with the system"  The system as a whole is certainly broken for any number of foreseeable years.  But like any good bureaucracy, the parts that made up the system still work just fine, and aren't going ANYWHERE!  Most of us have landed in a new place in the pecking order.  Sure, we fell from that comfy, high perch in the leafy branches.  So are you gonna keep sitting on your broken butts and whine that nobody is helping you get back up?  The only way back up is to climb!  The bureaucracy has LOTS of ladders..  But instead of whining until they give you one to shut you up, how about you start asking how to get one?  It's the old concept of Free Enterprise.  Also known as "do it yourself"

It's time that humanity relearned that concept.