Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011

This has been a wild year for me. I went from 40 hours a week in the spring to 14 hours a week.  And from working one job to working two jobs.  I'm up to around 24 hours a week now.  But at least I'm working. 

This month my wife had a massive head trauma, requiring CPR.  But at least she's alive.  So now we get to wait on the hospital to send out the invoices.  We're waiting to hear from medicaid and a couple of other agencies to see who's going to pay what, and what we will have to deal with.

It can be really easy to curl up in a ball and have a breakdown.  The bills don't stop. Life will flow around your disaster without your input, thank you very much.  And then I have to remind myself....

Jesus was born in a stable, and slept in a hay trough.

Christmas can be about fighting crowds with pepper spray to get the last game system. Or it can be about counting your blessings, and learning to deal with adversity.  And one thing I know about is how to deal with adversity.  Life happens, as they say.  It's time for a new direction.  Always remember that the path has many directions.

May the adversity that you face be balanced by the advent of the Christ-child.