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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thoughts on the movie "I, Robot".

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I just finished watching "I, Robot" for the third time. No, not in a row. First time was in the theater when it was released, second time was on DVD at a friends house a couple of years back. I've been thinking about how tech in movies is catching up with physical reality.

The prop above is from that movie. A detective's ID. The way it works is you simply show it to whatever scanner you're in front of. The robots know who he is from that ID. So today, you now have RFID and Bluetooth. Most of the current ID tech relies on the same concept. All we need is auto-pilot cars with spherical wheels. The robots are here. Just not in people's homes. Yet.

Anyway, RFID and Bluetooth are those types of tech that are scary good. The good news is anyone can find you. The bad news is anyone can find you.

Please, people, be VERY sure of what info you have on the internet. How public do you really want to be? If you value any kind of privacy, keep your cards at home, and your phone with Bluetooth disabled.

Of course, going with the trends, RFID is eventually going to be embedded in driver's licences and state ID cards. Consider keeping those in the glove compartment. Because your car is going to want to know who you are for auto locking mechanisms, you might want to consider installing old-style key locks. And nothing with a card. A good old fashioned metal key.

And this advice is coming from someone who advocates RFID/Bluetooth/WiFi soda machines. I feel like such a whore.....

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

China Shows First Image From Lunar Probe

I'm not commenting on this because of the fact that they took pictures. Yes, it's great that they took pictures. But for one line in this story:

"Beijing wanted to use its program to work with other countries and hoped to join in building the International Space Station."

First of all, I'm not a China sympathiser. China has a hell of a lot wrong with it. But so does every other country around the world. The US isn't exactly a role model anymore. But I'm not getting into politics here. My blog today is about space development.

Why isn't China part of the Freedom Station?

They want in SO bad! So why is the US dragging it's feet? Is our military so paranoid that it insists on keeping China out? China can add much science to the global presence in space.

To the Pentagon, I say, stop dragging your feet. You know what they're up to. Let science do it's thing. Let China in!

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Cellular phone robot

The link is to a little item in development in Korea called a cellular phone robot. It looks impressive to me so far. The thing has several features that most simple robots have now. The video explains it all. When it goes to market, I'll be looking to buy one!

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