Tuesday, November 27, 2007

China Shows First Image From Lunar Probe


I'm not commenting on this because of the fact that they took pictures. Yes, it's great that they took pictures. But for one line in this story:

"Beijing wanted to use its program to work with other countries and hoped to join in building the International Space Station."

First of all, I'm not a China sympathiser. China has a hell of a lot wrong with it. But so does every other country around the world. The US isn't exactly a role model anymore. But I'm not getting into politics here. My blog today is about space development.

Why isn't China part of the Freedom Station?

They want in SO bad! So why is the US dragging it's feet? Is our military so paranoid that it insists on keeping China out? China can add much science to the global presence in space.

To the Pentagon, I say, stop dragging your feet. You know what they're up to. Let science do it's thing. Let China in!

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