Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Contextual Web

I learned of an approaching paradigm shift this week: the contextual web.   Normally, I would file this bit of fluff in the back of my head as "that's nice", and forget it about 10 minutes later.  But I decided to do a quick Google for the terms "conceptual internet", and got a link from  Normally, I file anything from Robert Scoble in the back of my head in the same manner.  But this time it made me raise my eyebrows.

Mr Scoble is one of those personalities that you either accept anything he does with open arms, ignore anything he does, or keep him at arms length because of the manner he does things.  I've learned to follow him on the odd chance that he will turn up some interesting tidbit of tech, or a stinker I want to stay away from.  Case in point; I watched an NBC Nightly News report where Robert was praising  I tweeted that just because Scoble was into Pinterest, I was not going to flock with the masses.  Or something to that effect.

I read his blog, and was thoroughly sold on the contextual web.  It is a concept that absorbs "social networking", "ubiquitous computing", "cloud", and the "semantic web", and attempts to make sense of them all.  We seriously need to pay more attention to this in the upcoming months.  Not years.  Months.

And BTW, I've recently opened a Pinterest account.  I found something there that I'd been looking for for months.  Not because of Robert Scoble.  Because of Google.  But I had to at least acknowledge that Robert was right on this one, too, even if I fought it tooth and nail.

Friday, June 14, 2013