Sunday, July 9, 2006

MS Bites

Another reason why MS bites...

I'm upgrading PCs. I find a bargain and tweak it with extras I have on hand. PCs have come WAY down in price.  But I like to use what I have until the processor simply bottoms out and laughs at me.  Specifically, I have a 30 gig hard drive that still has a useful life.  And it's my network server drive.  It has XP pro on it, and all the settings and upgrades I need.

Anyway, I decided to transfer the drive from an older Dell, to a "newer" Gateway.  Now I did consider the possibility of incompatibility between the two PCs, but that didn't bother me.  What does bother me is MS.  I'm assuming that when they did their paranoia/anti-piracy "Windows Genuine Advantage", they wrote in some kind of feature that blocks you from simply swapping out XP drives between PCs.

I put the old drive in the new PC, and I'm getting the famous "blue screen of death".  I immeadiately checked the BIOS settings.  Everything there was fine.  So what gives, Microsoft?  Everything is paid for.  Or does Billy-boy need another couple of billion for his Foundation?

*Whew!*  Sorry for being long winded.  I feel better now.  Kind of. Maybe.  As soon as I swap dives back.  Make sure I have all my essential data backed up.  And wipe the 30 gig drive.  Reinstall it in the newer PC.  Reinstall XP pro.  Download all the updates. Again.  On dialup, because cable internet is too expensive, and I can't get DSL.

BTW, I'm on my laptop.  Gawd forbid I should ever have a problem with my laptop!........