Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Entry for June 13, 2007

The "global warming" camp is getting in everyone's face lately. If you haven't noticed, you have your head in the sand. Yes, global warming is happening. But it's not entirely because of humanity. Why do all the activists live in the democratic countries? Why don't they ship a boatload over to places like China? Oh, that's right. Because they'll get executed or jailed for speaking out against the government. Never mind that the "3rd world" countries are the worst culprits for global warming conditions. Get out of my face. I've done all I can. You people are preaching to the choir.

Earth is getting ready for some massive upheavals. It happens on an average of every ten to twelve thousand years. Guess what? We're the lucky ones who get to experience it. All the pointers are predicting 2012. I won't go to extreme of a precise date. Nobody is that accurate. I don't care what you say about people like Nostrodamus and Cayce. The two theories I'm leaning toward is either an astroid strike, or a major magnetic pole shift. Maybe both. And not necessarily in that order. Everything you've learned about plate tectonics happens after that. Supposedly the Atlantians tried to warn us about this, but we're too politically correct to look in the only place left with the info to discover wat happened. The chamber under the Sphinx's right front paw has been "discovered", even though it was already foretold. But for some reason, it has not been entered. And all the other locations around the world have either disintegrated from time, or were distroyed by war or other human interference. But most of us already suspect this inevitability. After it's over, we'll be able to ask the Atlantians ourselves.

Yeah, I sound like a "the end is near" crackpot. Well, guess what? It is. Preaching about the dangers of global warming now is too late. You needed to be around during the industrial revolution. But global warming is just an indicator of something that is going to happen that only God can stop now. My question to you is, are you ready to meet your Maker?

Instead of preaching, you need to be praying. Because it's gonna happen. I just hope the rock falls on my head. I hate painful suffering.

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