Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Default World

Since I've had my iTouch, I've been getting "Burning Man" podcasts. The last one I watched is called One Flame. The interviewee is Crimson Rose. She goes on to describe her part at the Burning Man festival. I won't go into details. Use the link and she what she says for yourself. She does use a term that I find quite different, and all encompassing. After all the fun and nonsense of Burning Man, the attendees must return to the "default world". How refreshing! I've been locking myself into a single description of real life as "physical reality". Which is different from "virtual reality", or my current obsession, "augmented reality". There are so many different ways to divert your attention away, that not all descriptions of the every day will fit. "Default", however, is so well known in so many situations. So I believe I'll be using the term "default world" quite a bit more in my blogging!

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