Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Missikins crossed the "Rainbow Bridge"

Our oldest cat at 18 years passed on Sunday night, somewhere between 9 pm and 2:30 am. While this is not a huge new story for many of you, this blog post is kind of therapy for me.

The Rainbow Bridge is something that I had forgotten about until my wife mentioned it on that Saturday. Up until then, I was totally prepared for the cat's passing. She had been steadily losing weight for months. And before that, she had a steady intake of water. So we had figured at first that she had a tapeworm. Nope. No evidence of worms in her litterbox. So our next natural assumption was either her kidneys were shutting down, or she developed leukemia. This last weekend, she was wobbling very badly, could barely stand up, and never ate.

We buired her yesterday morning. She was a great cat. A stray kitten. The irony is, I first told my wife "Don't pick it up, don't pet it, don't even look at it. It will go away." We already had a 15 year old cat, GiGi, suffering from kidney desease. The very next day, Missy was picked up... By me. I'm so weak.

RIP, Missy. We love you and miss you.