Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tablets & Netbooks

It's scary when you can say "I remember when..."

My first computer was a Commodore C64. Nice for it's time. Then I bought a Packard Bell 386 on closeout from Montgomery Ward. (Who? LOL) After that, began my love affair with Dell computers. A GX 100, then a GX 300. And now my Inspiron 1100. But that veteran is getting long in the tooth, even after maxing the memory, and upgrading the hard drive.

I've resisted getting a netbook PC simply because they were too small as PCs, and kind of limited for what I do, which is to mainly surf the web and comment on blogs and the like. Now as anyone knows, or should know, tablets aren't exactly new. Microsoft has been pushing the concept for a while, with mixed results. And now Apple has pushed the market to maturity with its iPad release. Does anyone see the shift happening here? Away from traditional computing, into "on the fly" info management. Mice and keyboards have no use by the geneal public.

I'm hoping that augmented reality will take off within the next ten years, then even tablets will be out of style. But until then, my next purchase is a tablet, I think.