Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013: The Year That AR Goes Mainstream.

Augmented Reality has reached critical mass.  There are dozens of apps that offer just about anything you can imagine.  I can lie in bed, half asleep, and boot Junaio, and see stuff surrounding me.  The only thing keeping it subdued is the lack of an affordable head mounted device.  Google is posed to bring that cost down in the future.

I've always daydreamed of having a pair of glasses that allow me to interact with virtual objects and people on the fly.  While having an HMD will facilitate that, it isn't the only piece of hardware involved. A separate camera in the room, tied to geospacial coordinates to observe your position will be necessary, I believe.  The best piece of hardware I can think of is the Kinect.  Your visitors can be virtual or physical, in the room with you.  Anyone in a virtual reality can invite you in a location and your recorded image becomes your avatar.  The best thing about that is you will feel as though you are physically in that location. And it all happens in real time, 24/7, without having to start an app.  It just works.

Granted this is just January. Realistically, prices and hardware won't be widely available until mid to late 2013.  But I'm willing to go on a limb and be firm on this being THE year!